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What Causes "Dis-ease" Within the Body?

The body's pain signals and symptoms have been miserably misunderstood by the mainstream medical community. It is common to title these warning signs as "disease." Luckily, if you have been titled with a disease of any kind, then your body is working properly. Your body was intelligently designed to survive and recover with little to no assistance, but we must listen when it is out of balance. 

The viruses, bacteria, and pathogens that we are taught to be fearful of, are actually there to eat the sewage that is accumulating within us. Our body simply works by input and output. If the great lymphatic system is dehydrated and unable to filter out cellular wastes, our body accumulates and drowns in acids and toxins. If our kidneys and skin are not excreting properly then we also face acidic and toxic overload, which increasingly begins to shut down our surrounding glands, and organ systems. 

It is our environment and our daily choices that introduce chemistry that is not in alignment with our human species. The food we eat is crucial in either creating alkalinity and hydration, or acidosis and tissue damage.


We have the power to regenerate damaged cells and awaken our body systems. Detoxification, replenishment, and nourishment with raw, high vibrational, and energetic plant sources will flood the body with enzymatic nutrition that the body has been craving. Allow your body to use its energy for restoration for a while and take a break from fighting against foreign foods, genetic modification, and acidic chemistry. 

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