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"We know from research using electron microscopes, that each fiber in the iris is actually a nerve sheath containing over 20,000 nerve fibers. Each of those nerve fibers travel through the central nervous system through the optic nerve and connects every organ, system and area of the human body giving a reflection, a window into the health or condition of the coinciding organ, gland or system.
What information are your eyes telling you about your health?" - Dr. Marcie Troyer

There's Only 2 True Eye Colors: Blue & Brown

It might be hard to believe, but there are only true blue eyes and true brown eyes. The eye to the right is a true blue eye. The orange/brown coloring around the pupil is a mixture of sulfur, chronic mucus, and lymph stagnation around the stomach, bowel wall, and throughout the body. 

Along with the stagnation we can see Radii Solaris which indicate inherent weakness within the bowels. This specific type of weakness allows toxins to more easily influence tissues that the radii solaris extends into. 

With the help of a tailored herbal protocol and overall shift to a raw detoxification period, this person can remove this sulfur build up around the pupil and can even begin to tie up the fibers of the dark radii solaris around their iris allowing the true blue eye to show through the stagnation.

Iris Mapping and How it Works

Dr. Bernard Jensen is the pioneer behind the science of iridology in the United States. He developed one of the most comprehensive iris charts detailing the location of the organs as they reflex in the iris of the eye. His chart is still the most accurate one available today. 


Iridology is the only soft tissue analysis available where you can see the toxicity and weaknesses of tissues within the body systems. This 500 year-old study is improving with specialized camera equipment and software technology.


Every cell in your body reflects itself through the nervous system to the brain and optic nerves. As tissues become weakened and congested, changes occur in the fibers of the iris of the eye. The iris fibers have been mapped out correspondingly to the related tissues in the body. By observing these fibers, changes and colors in the iris, we can analyze your body's strengths, weaknesses and toxicity levels.

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